Air Duct Cleaning at American Air Conditioning & Heating Co.

Air duct cleaning is not always an easy task. An air conditioner works by transferring heat in the home into a heat sink, and replacing it with cool air. It also has a large number of refrigerant lines that supply the cool air to different points in the house. With all of this, it’s no wonder that the unit itself is so big.

This is why it’s important to only hire a licensed air duct cleaning and air duct replacement specialist to do work on your cooling system. Someone without a license will probably not be able to deliver quality service. As a result, the problems your machine has might not get fixed, and in some cases will even grow worse.

Fortunately, you can easily hire reputable duct cleaning contractors to do the job for you. To find reliable service, contact us at American Air Conditioning & Heating Co. in San Antonio, TX. We’ll be happy to set you up with a professional.


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